Milton Hydro Baseload Power Flow Battery Project

Milton Hydro Baseload Power Flow Battery Project is a 2 MW – 4 hour (8MWh) utility-scale flow battery project. The project will be located at Milton Hydro’s head office and will be connected to the Milton Hydro grid at 27.6 kV. The project will provide capacity and energy solutions to the Independent Electricity System Operator of Ontario. The project will also provide the following benefits:

  • reduce the demand for Ontario’s natural gas peaker plants over the next 20 years and thereby reduce the amount of CO2, greenhouse gases and other air pollutants in Ontario’s air shed, in Canada and the US.

  • reduce the peak demand on Milton Hydro’s grid and thereby reduce the delivery charges Milton Hydro has to pay Hydro One and saving money for all Milton Hydro customers;

  • demonstrate how flow battery systems operate to provide learning for future projects;

  • support voltage fluctuations in the Milton Hydro grid;

  • provide black start capabilities to the Milton Hydro grid to benefit all customers;

  • respond to regulation and reactive power and voltage control signals from the IESO, where required; and

  • test virtual power plant operations with solar array and industrial facilities located on and very close to the project’s site.


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May 11, 2018