Baseload Power

Who We Are

We are a privately held, North American based energy storage and renewable energy solutions provider, with over 20 years of combined experience.  

Our team brings together Canada’s renewable energy and energy storage pioneers who are responsible for creating over 660 MW of electricity generation across the country.

Who We Serve

Who are our customers?

  • Local utilities
  • Businesses (commercial and industrial)
  • Governments (provincial and municipal buildings – hospitals, universities, etc)
  • Independent electricity systems operators
  • Property owners
  • Residential customers
  • Remote communities

What We Do

Our energy solutions are customized to meet each customer’s unique operational, technical, commercial and financial needs, while considering all challenges and constraints. Our energy solutions range from small-scale single-purpose facilities to larger-scale multi-purpose energy ecosystems. Whether we are building a grid connected energy storage project, or locating a micro-grid battery and solar generation facility on a customer’s property, we are technology agnostic and will use the most advanced, proven and best-in-class equipment to customize the most intelligent energy solution possible for each customer.

Our energy solutions have the capability to perform any and all of the following functions:

  • deliver firm green electricity;
  • reduce peak demand and shift energy consumption and cost to off-peak hours;
  • act as an uninterrupted power supply;
  • offer capacity, energy, operating reserve, demand response, regulation services and reactive power and voltage control to the electrical grid;
  • alleviate the need to repair portions of the local electrical grid; and
  • protect against outages and improve the imbalances in and reliability and resiliency of the electrical grid.

How Do We Do It

Our team is made up of engineers, accountants, lawyers, construction and finance professionals, project managers and energy industry experts who, together, offer best-in-class development and engineering expertise.

We have hands-on experience in wind energy, solar energy and battery storage. Experience in these 3 areas combines a variety of skill sets and is a unique combination amongst energy solutions providers. 

We are established, high performing, energy-focused, nimble professionals who are early movers and operate with a keen emphasis on effectively managing risk. All of our initiated projects have reached commercial operation; which represents a track record of success unparalleled in the renewable energy industry.

We demonstrate our commitment to our customers by investing in every electricity system we develop.